Season 2 is Live! 


UNINSPIRED Season 2 episode 1 debuted on Indiewire and called me a
"lovably aimless anti-heroine who happens to be much more relatable than her more renowned contemporaries" LINK

The NY Times said UNINSPIRED was worth checking out! LINK

Episode 4 of Uninspired is now up on IFC's Comedy Crib as part of NYTVF Selects. Check it out: LINK

Arts.Mic mentioned Uninspired in the article "6 Web Series That Show How Good TV Could Be With More Women Behind the Camera".  I'm mentioned along with some pretty awesome series!  link


GLAMOUR MAGAZINE: got a mention by Glamour Magazine's TV Columnist, Megan Angelo!  " Of all the  lady-life comedy series out there, Becky Yamamoto's Web series makes me laugh the hardest." link


INDIEWIRE mentioned UNINSPIRED along side BROAD CITY!!!: "15 Women-Driven Web Series That Could Be the Next 'Broad City'" 



SPLITSIDER interviewed me and said some great things:

"’s a perfect example of the kind of relatable, yet uniquely personal comedy product that resonates because it rings so true". link


BUST magazine just posted a lovely writeup:

"...pleasantly refreshed by Yamamoto’s comedy. Much of it is embedded in cues within her dialogue that make you smile and think "God damn it, same!". link


Todd VanDerWerff of the Onion AV Club had some super nice things to say about Uninspired.

“By far the best pilot I saw this year was Becky Yamamoto’s Uninspired”

“Yamamoto’s very much working in the cringe-comedy vein, but she’s got a great eye for detail and ways to embarrass her character”

He also had some insightful things to say about independent television.  Here’s the link: link



Aymar Jean Christian of TubeFilter also wrote a lovely article about the festival and made a nice mention of Uninspired:

"The most inspiring series I saw was, ironically, Uninspired..."
(here’s the link to the Tube Filter article: link.)